A Florentine couple II by Karenina Fabrizzi

A Florentine couple II

A Florentine couple II by Karenina Fabrizzi

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Drawing: Oil, Paper, graphie, ink and acrylic on Paper.
Size: 27.6 H x 19.7 W x 0.4 in
Oil, ink & acrylic on paper. Needs frame. I create this image along with another one with the same drawing with few variations, "A Florentine couple I" Based on a famous painting from the Italian Renaissance, this couple represents a turbulent, complicate love, only sustained by decadence and lust. In the mind time the other image "A Florentine couple I " represent a good, positive, pure love.... The two lovers are flipped in each image to show the different sides than human relationships could be involved in, having a lot of double minings and aspects. Also, the color surrounding the drawing in this case black, shows the dramatic turbulent love. I tend to use a lot this mirror, double images because I think in life nothing is certain, it is always another side of the story, another point of view, life has many shades, every one of us is unique and nobody else is capable to perceive and feel like we do, even if I think we are all connected.
Keywords: acrylic, paper, red, black, white, yellow, affordable, colors, decorative, ink, love, oil