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A G Ehsan

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  Artist: A G Ehsan
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A G Ehsan Artist Bio:

A.G. Ehsan (Born Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh, 1986) Is an Iranian painter based in Ankara - Turkey. He studies doctorate in painting in Hacettepe University. Ehsan is known for his oil painting portraits of women with Halftone look. His portraits of women are pulled from his photos of models and random fashion photos from internet. Ehsan has focused on portraiture of women for the better part of his career, though he also has B.A in architecture engineering and had a notable career as caricaturist in his youth (1996-2006). Work In his late portraits Ehsan is focused on women. This approach came from his fascination to Iranian modern poet Forough Farrokhzad. Using halftone images came from his statements about contemporary image of women and it’s aesthetics in the age of mass-production. Portraits of pretty women, cold and strong gazing directly at the viewers. It seems like that they will never age, they are not mothers and the effect of time seem to be missing in some kind of perfection in they’re appearance. Mathematic order and Deconstruction in his works is influenced from his experiences in architecture design and Derrida’s philosophy. For Ehsan every portraiture translates by the audience and viewers life experience and visual and social culture is affective in this translation. For artist himself painting is a translation of an idea or an experience. Ehsan values this journey of meaning from life to art and from art to an experience. The meaning and appearance of the subject changes in this translation and deconstruction in paintings emphasizes this paradigm.

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