Agamama by Blandine Bardeau


Agamama by Blandine Bardeau

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Drawing: paper cut-out, felt-tip pen, colour pencil and fountain pen on Paper.
Size: 17.3 H x 13.8 W x 1.2 in
This is a collage/drawing which is part of a series of around 15 pieces I created in late 2013, when I didn't have a studio space. I just had basic materials around the house and a sudden burst of creativity came out and I created all of these collages. They mean a lot to me as they were made after a long period of not making any work. I am fascinated by collages and drawings and the quickness and directness they offer, the layering I find particularly mesmerising. Professionally framed with a black wood box frame. The price of this artwork includes the costs of packaging materials.
Keywords: felt-tip pens, colour pencils, Graphic Pen, fountain pen, Paper Cut-outs