Agnes Szikra

Agnes Szikra

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  Artist: Agnes Szikra
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Agnes Szikra Artist Bio:

I am a freelance artist born in 1975 in Budapest, Hungary. Recently I have been living and working in Budapest. The creative process itself is of high importance for me; the state of concentration is kind of a meditative state when I'm open, awaken, sensitive and intuitive. I'd like to create a world where objects are not borders for vision, they don't just reflect the rays of human vision but let them inside. I like "to look behind things" - I guess this is why I'm interested in painting the rainy glasses and the view behind them and also the ethereal moving figures, trying to show something of the invisible, too. Many ancient books and beliefs say that this material world is just an illusion. The soul is the only stable and eternal entity, everything else in this world is moving and acting. The picture on the canvas is another created illusion pointing at the world as an illusion. I get inspired by life events as well as photographs. I don't transfer the image of the photograph directly to the canvas, my aim is to share my inner vision, the atmosphere and the feelings awakened by the image. I give simple titles to my works as I want to leave it open for the viewer without providing a verbal guidance to think, imagine and feel as they like to. When I become interested in a new subject or topic I usually work on 4-5 paintings (not simultaneously) and when I "get over it" and no longer find it exciting or challenging I let myself look for another challenge. Looking at 'good' art / art visually talking to me either in a museum or elsewhere I feel awake and alive. Hope that my paintings provide a similar uplifting, awakening experience to some of the viewers.

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