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Alison Chaplin

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  Artist: Alison Chaplin
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Alison Chaplin Artist Bio:

I am a full-time artist and I paint in oils and acrylics on canvas. I live opposite Epping Forest and find the forest a constant inspiration for my art. Recently I have been exploring the effects of the light within the forest; the shadows playing upon the forest floor and the shadows cast by the leaves on the tree trunks. I paint and sketch in the forest and also use my own photographs to aid me in my compositions. Living, as I do, on the edge of Epping Forest; when I turn away from the woodland, I find myself facing London and a very urban landscape. The Town-scape has inspired me to paint figures in this, contrasting, environment. I have been concentrating on people who seem lost in their own private world while waiting at bus stops, for trains or for friends to join them. People who are lost in thought as the city moves, at speed, around them. My art training was in London and I have exhibited widely. Recent solo exhibitions include 'Stone Space Gallery, London E11, 'The Artefact Gallery' London W1, 'The View Gallery' London E4, '54 The Gallery' London W1, 'Gallery 27 Cork Street' London W1.

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