Amelia Bradshaw

Amelia Bradshaw

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  Artist: Amelia Bradshaw
 Live in: Jacksonville, NC, United States
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Amelia Bradshaw Artist Bio:

Amelia Bradshaw is an artist who lives and works in Jacksonville, North Carolina. She has lived in Jacksonville all her life, drawing and painting since she could pick up a crayon or brush. She has taken many art classes throughout her school years and early college career, but the majority of her techniques are largely self-taught. An early love for nature led her to begin painting the very things she loved to look at most, the beautiful, miniature world of flowers. Her work focuses on the often-overlooked “inner world” on flowers, bringing plants which are normally small, and thus quickly glanced over, into the intense focus of the viewer. Through this, she wishes to enable the viewer to slow down and focus on the minutiae of their own lives.

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