An A A Day Unnumbered 00011 by Rojelio Cabral

An A A Day Unnumbered 00011

An A A Day Unnumbered 00011 by Rojelio Cabral

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Drawing: Ink and Marker on Paper.
Size: 9.9 H x 7.5 W x 0 in
I've drawn a letter A a day for 25 years. Painted onto freeway center-columns, mural-sized or sculpted and embedded into the cityscape. The letter A, character-like, plays with scale, perspective, wall and paper edges. The A also embeds itself into already existing printed matter. Such as on this gallery exhibition announcement. This drawing is on card stock, using ink and marker, unframed.
Keywords: tree, graffiti, black & white, Letter A, fitted, Appropriation art, field, landscape