Ana Elisa Benavent

Ana Elisa Benavent

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  Artist: Ana Elisa Benavent
 Live in: Mexico City, DF, Mexico
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Ana Elisa Benavent Artist Bio:

Color rules my work. It speaks deeply and loudly, expressing our raw feelings, our inner emotions. An open narrative in which individual interpretation starts with self-discovery and revelation. A story based not so much on what is said, but what is not… visual conversations about life. My creative process is a deep excavation, a dissection of the emotional process between soul and sight. I do not want viewers to see in my work what I see, but to immerse them in their own version, in their own experience ... in their own story. Joy, love, sorrow, frustration, excitement... A warm orange red cheers up a gloomy midnight blue… A big, bold, jealous deep purple takes over… Let’s invite a bit of white to make peace. And so these large fields of color start talking to and playing with each other, layer over layer, foundation colors under translucent colors under contrasting colors, it’s all a moving target of shapes, lines, and textures. Rolling, brushing, dripping, spattering. They all add up to tell the story. My story, their story. Technically, my work is highly influenced by color field abstract expressionism, a style in which I ventured during the 15 years I lived in Washington DC. It consists primarily of medium and large-format acrylic and mixed media works on wood. Countless overlapping layers of color on the surface show the complexity and connection of emotions. I studied abstractionism, color, drawing, mixed media, expressionism, postmodernism, encaustic and monotypes, among others in The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia and the Atlantic Pyramid Art Center in Washington, DC, mainly under the tutelage of Marsha Staiger. My work has been recognized by the Washington DC Council for the Arts and Humanities, the Arlington and the Alexandria Town Hall Councils in Virginia, and the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. In addition, I have received reviews in The Washington Post, The Examiner, and the Washington Blade, among others. I recently relocated to Mexico City, my home town.

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