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I was born, raised and educated in the Philippines. I practiced architecture in the Philippines and in San Francisco Bay Area, California. I now reside in Prosper, Texas. After retiring from architectural practice, I turned to painting and photography. I paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor. Watercolor though is my favorite media. My paintings may be categorized as into realism, expressionism and abstract. My home is my studio and it's walls are my galleries. I keep my colors luminous, vivid and bold. Despite the years I have been away from architecture, my realistic paintings still reflects the structured and disciplined architectural drawings. Common in my works are the luminous layering of colors, bold tonal values and rich textures. I appreciate artworks with high degree of artistic values. Artworks where the artist spends time in design, composition and execution. I beleive that art is always an ardous process like architecture. Rome was not built in a day and Picasso's "Guernica" was not painted in four hours. I maintain two other websites, and