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Armen H

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  Artist: Armen H
 Live in: Montreal, QC, Canada
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Armen H Artist Bio:

Armen is a Canadian painter living in Montreal. He was a designer, manufacturer,and wholesaler of jewelry made with semi precious stones. He was a ceramic artisan producing hand built wood fired Terra Cotta pottery. For many years he has studied the works of famous impressionist and post impressionist European painters in particular the French impressionists. Art critics have expressed the following about his paintings.- He makes the viewer remember the two dimensionality of the canvas & has a print-like technique. His use of color is exquisite! Armen is bold in his use of color. His attention to detail and clear lines is unmatched. He had a solo exhibition of 82 of his oil canvases on May 9, 10, 11, 2014 @ Sanahin Art Centre 3490 Olivar Asselin, Montreal QC Canada

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