ATC series landscape No1 by Renata Fernandez

ATC series landscape No1

ATC series landscape No1 by Renata Fernandez

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Drawing: Charcoal on Paper.
Size: 38.2 H x 59.8 W x 2 in
Large format drawing, charcoal on paper, the very first drawing that eventually will result on the coveted series ATC Charcoal. The first 14 drawings of this series ( there will be 30 of them at the end) were featured as the main work oh my solo show at Museo Alejandro Otero, TROPICO CAMUFLADO (2013-14 Caracas, Venezuela). They have their origin on the camouflage series of paintings that preceded them. The soldiers just disappeared to lead behind a newly found need to observe and decode the landscape They hide into). The plants, tropical, all from the urban jungle of my natal city, Caracas, became a metaphor. They became exercises of zen-like observation, of the growing cycle of nature, and nature's engineering. These drawings, attractive, but also dark and broody, seem to have certain effect on the viewer: sometimes people see faces hiding in them. But there are none, I can assure you.
Keywords: plants, tropical plant, large format, charcoal, drawing, flora