Barbara Kemp Cowlin

Barbara Kemp Cowlin

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  Artist: Barbara Kemp Cowlin
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Barbara Kemp Cowlin Artist Bio:

Barbara Kemp Cowlin. I live in the small town of Oracle, Arizona, just north of Tucson. My subjects have ranged from landscape to figurative. I'm currently working on several series including Water Reflections and Nooks & Crannies. My work has been included in the collections of the City of Phoenix Arts Collections, Kenyon College, University of Arizona Special Collections Library, Providence Medical Center, Everett, WA and more. Exhibitions include Art in Embassies program at the U. S. Embassy in Bolivia, Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, the Arizona Gallery at the University of Arizona, Casa Grande Art Museum, and in numerous other exhibits throughout the United States. I love to paint. I enjoy printmaking and bookmaking as well. I paint inconspicuous places in public spaces, focusing on water reflections and architectural scenes. Although overlooked by most, these special places have an inner glow, a strange and ethereal quality that I am moved to express in my work. I am most inspired by spaces with an air of mystery, a sense that there is a story to be told. Turning a corner and seeing a vision that is as beautiful as it is unexpected takes my breath away. I want my viewers to experience this. I take snap shots and make prints, crop the image and dive into painting. I use acrylic because it lends itself to an exploration of a variety of surfaces: rough and smooth, dull and shiny, light and dark, intense and dull. First I draw the main shapes on the canvas. Using a palette knife I quickly cover each shape with color. From there, I work in layers of glazes, gradually building luminosity and adding details until the painting feels complete.How the painting is interpreted is up to the viewer. The meaning may be loneliness and alienation, or perhaps joy at a snippet of overlooked beauty. I hope that my work will have an impact on the viewers perception of and appreciation for his/her surroundings.

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