Beate Garding-Schubert

Beate Garding-Schubert

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  Artist: Beate Garding-Schubert
 Live in: Nienburg, Niedersachsen, Germany
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Have a look at my youtube about my work! I love to spray paint. I mix it with collage tecniques, acrylic painting and pastel drawing and writing. "Time" has been the driving force for my artistic work for many years now. My paintings revolve around the idea of transience, the dream of infinity, and the finite nature of one’s own entity. It is imperative to acknowledge the little golden moments of life that are more valuable than all those countless insignificant years. My series of work captures these moments. They can be filled with total happiness, grief, pain or hope. They make us guess the idea of Infinity and are our essence of life. I love to use expressive colors shaping the interplay of either opaque or transparency, as well as blending into each other. The depth of my paintings evokes some distant memories. But for the most part, the scenery is portrayed as that of a bright and associatively playful present. I do not only journey through time but also through space. I participate in various exhibitions in Spain, Austria, the US and Germany. After 8 years traveling around the world, I have been a resident for 12 years on the Canary Islands as well as living 12 years on Mallorca. I am a member of the producers' gallery in Nienburg on the Weser river. When asked where home is, my answer is : “HOME can be everywhere - "... as long as my colors and canvas are around“.

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