Ben Rotman

Ben Rotman

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  Artist: Ben Rotman
 Live in: tel aviv, Israel
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Ben Rotman Artist Bio:

Ben Rotman creates a unique combination of talents as an artist and the online resources available to elaborate. Rothman uses this ability and create a work With the artistic values "‹"‹of creation made "‹"‹of illustration, oil paint and brush. Technological means occupy much space the post modernist art and they can not replace talent. In this case the combination produce a work that includes depth and values "‹"‹of traditional painting. Israeli artist Ben Rotman, painter, designer, born in Tel Aviv demonstrated the unique abilities worldwide exhibitions and winning many awards. Studied art in Zurich graduate who in Switzerland. Ben Rothman affected by many of the characters he sees and meets in Tel Aviv on the spectrum, the beach, and the figures give the urge Rabbi Ben Rotman creates and who was born and lives and paints in Tel Aviv and in addition, the Israeli landscape and Israeli light gives the expression Bright colors in his paintings. Topics that focuses Rothman: nude, erotic, urban, urban, figures, people characters, men, women, landscapes and abstracts.

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