Birgitta Bachmann

Birgitta Bachmann

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  Artist: Birgitta Bachmann
 Live in: Trollhättan, västra götaland, Sweden
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Birgitta Bachmann Artist Bio:

Swedish artist, born 1970 in Buhl Germany (lives in Sweden since 1971). I always loved drawing and have a big interest of art, design in all forms. I have always been fascinated by the human body and that is still my focus. It is the skin and figure that is important to me, not where it is. I use colours to make the impression I want. I usually do not have a plan in the beginning, and like to play with colours over and over. I can have an idea about the feeling I want and if it should be a light or dark picture, but that idea can often change! I prefere egg tempera (linseed-oil, pigments and egg ) as a medium because of the pigments and I can work faster and make layers. I also use oil when I feel I have the patience. My inspirations: Jenny Saville, Bill Viola, Gustav Klimt. I was recently represented at Colorida art gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.(feb-july2012 ) i have worked as Visual merchandiser in fashion for 19 years, and currently as an VM specialist /interior designer.

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