Blue Moon – Heike Schmidt

Blue Moon - Heike Schmidt

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  Artist: Blue Moon - Heike Schmidt
 Live in: Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany
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Blue Moon - Heike Schmidt Artist Bio:

Heike Schmidt was born near Ludwigsburg. After completing her training in the finance sector, she worked for a number of companies before she became involved in painting. Heike's works are the result of a spontaneous and intuitive painting process. The decision for abstract paintings allows her to approach the subject in which a realist must fail. Her paintings is an examination of her own psyche and also that of others. Moods, feelings, thoughts, conflicts and contradictions express the sensitivity of her own and is putting them directly to brush and spatula in colors and surfaces. The results of Heike's paintings are never calculated nor a superficial visibility. Consciously she remains in her views and feelings of her art but expects the viewer to find his own analysis. Thus she is able to actively involve the viewer of her art and takes him or her to take time out into reading her paintings. Heike Schmidt preferably works with the colour blue, the colour of longing and infinity. Heike Schmidt lives and works in Filderstadt near Stuttgart. 20% of my sales profit will be donated to UNICEF!