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It is likely my work will never be a commodity; thankfully neither will I. I would just as soon eat Charles Saatchi's hurl as pandy to a commoditized art market where ad-men carpetbaggers like Larry Gagosian and CS are the kingmakers. Se la vie ... nonetheless, I keep the nome de plume Bobilon so I can be confident that in the unlikely event I become a paid artist, I will be judged on my work's marketability rather than mine. I used to believe my artistic validation would occur only through public display of my work; I no longer do. I discovered that the only real validation I sought in art was internal, and though it took twenty years of hating my work to get there, I have to my satisfaction created works I would be unashamed to display beside work that inspires me. Much of my portfolio are works contain parts dating back 20 years but which only in recent years have been completed to my satisfaction -- that is, until I decide to rework them further. Though my tree has fallen in silence, its thundering rush shot through me like mainline junk to a wanton vein. Blessed is my nowhere Shangrila; a nirvana no Saatchi or Gagosian could ever buy me. I have several different series in the making I likely won't take further because the hard work figureing out my ways of seeing in my past work is complete. I currently work on a series involving reproductions and frames, and am as interested in the business of art as a capatalistic phenomenon though I believe these unshown works will probably be my best. May all lonely travelers find thier destinations and peace that is is for them alone, Bobbilon www.saaitchigallery .com

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