Boys of Collodion: Collin 4/9 by Christa Blackwood

Boys of Collodion: Collin 4/9

Boys of Collodion: Collin 4/9 by Christa Blackwood

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Photography: Black & White, Color, Ink, Paper and Wax
Size: 24 H x 18 W x 0.1 in
hand pulled duo monoprint encaustic photogravure made from original 4x5 inch collodion tintype The young bare-chested men in this series of portraits, with their free-flowing dark hair and their wide-opened stares, seem to harken back to the first decades of photography, as much as having been pulled from the local skateboard park. Glued to whatever it is that is confronting them head-on, their fixated gazes might betray the name of the place that they mythically hail from: Collodion, from the Greek kollōdēs, meaning "gluelike." Looking as though they have become suddenly entranced by the song of the sirens, or nearly petrified by the head of the gorgon, the boys of collodion are our modern day kouroi. Stripped of colour except for a single red badge—medal and scar—they are glued and unglued at once. —John Paul Ricco
Keywords: photography, printmaking, red, Photogravure, conceptual, collodion, film, ink, tintype