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C P Seibt

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  Artist: C P Seibt
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C P Seibt Artist Bio:

I have had the calling to paint all of my life. After having lived in different countries of various cultures I am now a Swiss resident of the Greek island of Paros where I have worked for many years. Due to biographic coincidences, the combination of different talents, interests and opportunities I have worked in various projects, in widely different areas of life. The center is always my creative work as an artist. I am continuously developing my awareness, understanding and doing.   Usual learning, usual institutions, usual teachers have never been a fit for me. For all the techniques, knowledge and abilities I needed to learn I found the optimal teachers. I learned most by the pictures of all the great painters before me and by my constant intensive working. Around 1986 I gave up most of my technical skills, methods and effects and as a result my work became autonomous, relevant and singular. I have always found sequences in simultaneous motions, directions (or they discovered me, of course) to my own transreal work. Topics, projects, painting develop permanently within me. My attitude is constant: I do not arrive, I continue. I do not create a rigid brand label. I am responsible for my work, but neither its constructor nor controller, simply part of these developing processes. I work incessantly. Ideals I do not have. I do feel relationships however. Of the breadth of my interests and various cultural influences I feel like a distant cousin of the Renaissance artists while at the same time, due to the daily intensity of my work and constant development, I am also a relative of the creatoholics of modern art. We are absolute. We are passionate. We work.   My position in the art of the present: I do not work according to the rules of the art market. Therefore I create my own area based on classical conditions, demands, and attentiveness to the present. My work does not fit into the boxes of the usual classifications. It is transreal: in constant movement, not at the end of a frozen style, instead it enables different realities to connect while inviting others into them. It creates abundance. - www.cpseibt.com - www.transrealart.com - www.facebook.com/cpseibt - digital book presentations: http://issuu.com/cpsartist - project "365 paintings for hope": www.paintingsforhope.org

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