Camilla H Brendon

Camilla H Brendon

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  Artist: Camilla H Brendon
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Camilla H Brendon Artist Bio:

Using diverse media I explore the possibility of a different reality. In creating unusual forms and textures I invite the audience to question our world and how we perceive it to be. I play with the human acceptance that what we are told is true or real. I like to provoke questions and a slight mistrust of the reality that fills the space around us. The idea of faith and truths as they exist in space and time are integral to my practice. Reality is something that our society teaches us. Working with installation and mixed media I encourage thoughtful questioning of what seems to be. By altering the ordinary and filling unused or empty spaces, with bright colour and continuous forms I provoke questions. I invite the audience to consider what may occupy the space in-between places and therefore to see with new eyes.

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