Canal Street #3 by Karen Biswell

Canal Street #3

Canal Street #3 by Karen Biswell

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Photography: Color on Paper.
Size: 19.7 H x 19.7 W x 0 in
I follow a path initiated by the work of Hans Bellemer, Francesca Woodmann and Will McBright. It is a lonely work mostely of self-portrait in disused place. Not beeing behind the camera when I shoot forced me to be my own actor and to have a high consciousness of the representation of my body. This conflict between my body and places is a sort of fight to wich square framing gives peace. Each place is used during a few days and each days the familiarity of the place grows as grow the liberty of my body. This is a work in progress and I don't really know if my aim of it is the picture or the conciousness of my body or the knowledge of strange places.
Keywords: psychology, urban, woman, landscape, nudes
awesome work Karen, love the fact you are shooting yourself, without seeing the results, so the alternative "seeing" turns on!