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Carlo Vanchieri

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  Artist: Carlo Vanchieri
 Live in: Bagheria (Palermo), Sicily, Italy
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Vanchieri Carlo, Abstract Conceptual Artist, was born in Palermo in 1956. He conferred a Degree of " Maestro D'arte " at Regional Art Institute of Bagheria and, then, a Degree of " Applied Art " at Public Art Institute of Palermo. ___ About Me: I started studying Art in the very first seventies.That time was full of ideological ferments: first of all, I tried to plan a continuous and lasting path inside myself, aiming to examine the best opportunities to establish a lifestyle that would eventually let me the chance to coherently live with myself, my own person, and to see things from different points of view, taking me right over the things, where it’s possible “ to get some air… to breathe “. This concept directly relates to the words of a close friend of mine from Cefalu’, visiting one of my solo exhibitions at Osterio Magno, who exactly defined my works “ airy “. When I have finished with my workday, I make step-by-step decisions on how to to proceed with details and trying to remember, at least sometimes, to get a distant look of the painting, in order to gain a wide-ranging vision of the whole. Luckily and often, I’m pretty much satisfied of what I see in front of me, so I decide to go further, putting close tones and balances shapes. This process gives me the chance to set up my own way to make and to intend Art itself, which also coincides with my way to live, becoming an all-in-one. The interest in drawing, almost inborn, is the actual motivation that led me to start the Art Studies. When in High-School, my allure in drawing became higher day after day. Thanks also to the figure drawing, and through still-life painting and drapery representations too, made exclusively employing hand-free pencil; I also found myself caught by sketch drawing, where the ideas could met animation. My main choice, was the one to sign-up for the lab of Metal Art, which ended up in obtaining my triennial Diploma of “ Maestro d’Arte “. In this class, I found particularly interesting the proper technique of glazing on red copper, that basically started my own interest toward the whole colors’ world, as for to the painting itself. This way, drawings suddenly started to be watercolors, and pencils , inks and tempera then. It seemed like pretty much everything was leading me to the painting reality, thanks to a solid and prior base in drawing. The very first creations, consisted in placing eastern foulards (that I used to collect, from time to time) as models, trying to express them in a pictorial way. Right from this, I made the choice to get going with flat colors and plain compositions, showing central subjects next to never. In fact, they could always continue expanding out of the frame itself, even mentally. Next step consists of defining long horizontal and just about wavy stripes: this process actually gave the start to new phase where movements are strictly free and follow a soft and continuous rhythm spreading above long paths, establishing a brand new premise (even though with few figurative signals) about meaning conceptualization, moving all the way towards abstraction. At last, but almost from twenty years already, I started establishing tissue paper’s pictorial technique directly applied on oil painting itself, that consists of tissue paper masks trapped inside the painting, so the final effect consists of an absolute oil. ___ Reviews: " Carlo Vanchieri's paintings are joyful and interesting, with ornamental and optical effects. Colors and textured inserts are played inside a kind of chromatic puzzle, where painting's rhythm spreads on canvas or board in a very harmonic and musical way. The result, consists of a pleasant whole of beings and molecules made by movements which approach to life's molecules, next to her continuous mobility and multiplication. Such a murales in which time scroll and emotions are stronger and filtered inside an unrelenting oblivion of " everything slides and everything goes of this Life "... ” Francesca Mariotti.

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