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Carole Soulas

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  Artist: Carole Soulas
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Carole Soulas is a french, self-taught painter. She lived in Montpellier, France, then in London, England and now lives in Medellin, Colombia. After 10 years painting in Montpellier, South of France, she studied interior & graphic designs at Montpellier university. She exhibited in several venues before moving to London in 2008. There, she exhibited many times in East London, as well as in St Paul's Church, Soho. She recently settled in Medellin. The serie presented is about women, and every painting is an experimentation on letting the model's energy flow. No brush used, painting knives only. The canvas, built up through the study of light and colour, is the receptacle for energies. That's why lightning angles must serve the art, not the accuracy of reality. The final/wanted result cannot be previously devised, rather it's a certitude about the feeling perceived through the painting. An idea of character that each viewer will understand through the filter of her/his own story, generating empathy towards the model depicted. The existence of the object-canvas is essential: passing by a painting, you will see different reflections appear, blocking some parts of the image, thus reavealing others. That's why all creative steps are apparent, creating a transparency where, onto a blurry background, focus is made on the model's most impacting features. The balance of colours, shapes and lines is studied as much as the texture: oil paint's thickness and shine opposed to pastel or watercolour's matt and light rendering. This mix of colour contrasts and textures hopefully creates a vibrating object, a depiction of an invisible flux.

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