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  Artist: Cati BURNOT
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Cati BURNOT Artist Bio:

"My world is made out of desire. It was enchantment and imagination... Nature, along with seasons change, guides my intuition, my mood, and color selections... Its material is inspiring (is breathing) within the superimposed layers and its strength infuses excitement into each canvas... The depth is made of lightness and powerful serenity... So new worlds spring up and each of them, either aquatic, vegetable matter or cosmic, is dizzying perception senses and turning upside down emotions or releasing expectations... My world is made of smiles, sweetness and a touch of playfulness... Love for life gives wings, while light shows a somewhere... My way is made of discovery flavors and dream games... for transmitting the world spirit at a glance..." ◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️ Cati Burnot lived in Asia and in Africa before settling in the Caribbean a few years ago. Her style and technique, inspired by the Flemish glaze which was so dear to the « painters of objects » such as Van Eyck have become richer through this journey. ▫️ By encountering different cultures in these different parts of the world, Cati has gained a global vision. Her perception of what life is has become more focused on the intensity of colors, and on matter, while keeping a striking fluidity in her brush strokes which is balanced by a subtle lightness. ▫️ Cati’s painting is Light meeting Matter, a paste which is worked the way a factory worker would, using a personal tool box, in which unusual objects have accumulated over time: fractals. Cati captures in her paintings the permanent illusion called reality, and fractals enable the viewers to include everything they have in common, their shared perceptions of life. And little by little, a language is born, with its own verbs, its own syntax… It is not necessary to learn that language because it is part of what we are. That’s probably why Cati’s painting is exceptional: when seeing one of her work for the first time, the viewer understands what she says. The words make sense, then the syntax comes into place, and finally the painting puts you back in order. The colors mingle, melt into one another, are superimposed or opposed to turn her work into a universe made of abstraction and ethereal atmospheres. ▫️ Her canvasses - rectangles or squares – are like windows open on an imaginary world where moving elements are blossoming, where plant-like, water or cosmic forms are interwoven in a fascinating game of transparence. The carefully mastered ecstasy of colors, where one brush stroke « too many » brings the personal touch of a dream nested comfortably in space… This universal language, full of sensitivity and strength, gives life to a work which soothes the soul… We find ourselves in it, we meet up, wherever we are…

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