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BIOGRAPHY LILIANA CECCHIN Liliana Cecchin born in 1955 in Santhia’ (Vercelli). After the graduation at the Primo Liceo Artistico in Turin, she worked at Romano Campagnoli’s atelier and took part into various solo and group exhibition in Italy. She qualified among the finalists of the Premio Arte Mondadori in 2001 and 2004, won the XXVI Premio Olivero in Saluzzo (2004), the Premio Artemisia Ancona (2008) and passed the first selection for the BP Portrait award in 2009. She was among the award winners of the Premio Agazzi and the Premio Emilio Gola. In 2016 she won the artist residence of the International Award Premio Marchionni. She lives and works in San Benigno Canavese (Turin). ...The rushed and congested crowd, which meets without seeing each other at a subway stop or a station, turns through her paint-brushes into a smooth, acquatic choreography, ruled by secret rhythms . The crowd has always been the centre of her investigation. She is enchanted by nonexistent time, the one erased by hurry, frozen within a step from here to elsewhere, she captures its soulless drifting suspending it into perfectly balanced visions. in the end she adds movement which, busting in, animates the glimpses with a vibrant and feverish buzz.

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