Ceramic Cells by Leonora Richardson

Ceramic Cells

Ceramic Cells by Leonora Richardson

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Sculpture: Ceramic and Clay on Ceramic.
Size: 3.9 H x 17.7 W x 23.6 in
These pieces are inspired by two-dimensional images of nerve fibre bundles and the central strands of axons within these bundles. The axons carry nerve signals, connect nerve cells together and transmit electrical impulses around the body. The tubular shapes are also symbolic of beauty within and without -- we may be curious to look within the tubes as well as contemplating the exterior shapes of the cylinders. Porcelain paper clay and lustre Porcelain paper clay with black stain
Keywords: porcelain, fine art, ceramic, Art & Design, art & science, handmade, lustre
I really like this piece.
Interesting ....