Channeling by Rebecca Jacoby


Channeling by Rebecca Jacoby

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Painting: Acrylic, Gesso, Household, Oil and Paint on Canvas.
Size: 34 H x 60 W x 3 in
This painting on canvas, in oil stick, acrylic, and collage continues my fascination with pebble, stone and cell-like shapes that I have been painting and drawing for many years. The inspiration for these shapes comes from the rocks and stone walls of New England, as well as the crumbling walls of inner-city Philadelphia where I live. Both forms are part of the landscape; come from and return to nature. My love off color, texture, shapes and creating depth and an energized space is the impetus for this painting and all of my work. While making this painting I repeatedly turned the canvas, allowing new imagery to form out of and through what was there before. The addition of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, which I began adding in late 2014, create boundaries and geometric color blocks, and act as catalysts for the bunches of cell-shapes or stone shapes. All live together in a "home" and in an abstract world that is uniquely theirs.
Keywords: acrylic, paint, pebbles, blue, stones, cells, circles, collage, Obsessive-Compulsive, abstract, lines, oil