Chasing Shadows, Part III by Marcus Lanyon

Chasing Shadows, Part III

Chasing Shadows, Part III by Marcus Lanyon

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Sculpture: Mixed Media on Wood and Other.
Size: 12.6 H x 7.5 W x 4.7 in
The beheading of creatures and their subsequent proud display has long been a favoured pastime of humans, and these are no different; they are however, other. The savage implication of a dismembered jaw bone or smooth section of skull becomes a satisfying contrast with the gleaming whiteness of painted plaster, merging sculptural formality with a latent, mythic taxidermy. Fox, Goat and Rabbit, potent archetypes, assume a new, assertive stance, no longer simply hunted, positioned and displayed; they gaze at us directly, eye-holes hollowed out, an inviting, mildly hostile trophy, questioning whether chasing something that doesn't exist is truly a fruitless activity.
Keywords: bone, taxidermy, trophy, Marcus Lanyon, goat, oak