Chiara Elisa Ragghianti

Chiara Elisa Ragghianti

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  Artist: Chiara Elisa Ragghianti
 Live in: Tuscany, Italy
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Chiara Elisa Ragghianti Artist Bio:

About me as i painter, since i started painting, i can say that I represent mostly what i like, images, light and colors that suggest me a story. I try to fix something using acrylic colors on plywood or canvas. I also like Photography and i print my digital work on paper, with a plotter, for having images that looks more close to repainted drawings. I'm a self-taught botanist and i paint in a glass atelier, in company of my tropical plants, grown by seeds that i collect in my travel. During the painting process i listen to music, radio or audiobooks, but i fast get distracted by my thoughts. Sometimes i just need to turn off the noise and, as i live in the country of Tuscany, i open my windows to listen the sounds of nature. My paintings and prints are held by private collectors in Italy, USA and Canada.

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