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Chowdary V Arikatla

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I am an Engineer by profession.An acquaintance with a reputed painter and Arts college lecturer aroused an interest in the intricacies of painting and I have continued painting as a hobby.I have read extensively about the techniques and styles of painting followed by various reputed painters and I have borrowed from some of the styles and techniques of Impressionism,Post-Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism. When painting,I start with a vague idea and let various ideas flood into my mind both consciously and sub-consciously.I create my paintings in an Abstract way, based on these emotions.I do not follow a particular style as I always attempt to create something new with different techniques.I give importance to texture and colour and a sense of balance and harmony within a given painting.I use Acrylic medium for its fastness and flexibility on canvas to express my emotions through colour and form.I take the holistic view of the finished picture to be sure that it has been completed to my satisfaction.I always like to experiment with new thoughts and techniques. That is why my art lacks consistency but brims with variety.I do not want to attribute any meanings to my Art or adorn with fancy titles. Of late,I am creating Digital Art with innovation and imagination along with Acrylics. I feel Art is where you can unleash your creative impulses to the outer world.I create art for art's sake.My main motivation is to create something new,something personal and something different.This gives peace of mind in today's turbulent world.

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