Christiane Lohrig

Christiane Lohrig

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  Artist: Christiane Lohrig
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Christiane Lohrig Artist Bio:

Christiane Lohrig was born in Saarbruecken in 1958. In 1988 she graduated from the University of Applied Science, HTW Saarbruecken, and obtained her degree in Architecture. During her studies, she started painting in oil and acrylic on large-sized canvas and later on wooden and rust-iron materials. Her paintings are counted among the range of experimental art; they are highly color focused and to a great extent abstract. Origins of her paintings are experiences, adventures and memories, which are in many cases related to nature and expressed in her own individual pictorial language. The creative process is protracted and very complex, because the mostly large sized paintings on canvas or wood are developed in many different work steps. Step by step, she applie acrylic, sand, collagen, and paper rags with brushes and partially unusual tools such as spatulas, rollers, sponges and even her hands. Characters and figures are carved into the wet color or applied with ink. Like cryptical ciphers they appear out of the depth of the pictorial ground. With the multifarious mix of material, the nearly sculptural character and all the secret hints, the paintings take its viewer on an enthralling voyage of discovery into the world of the unconscious and the emotions. 2004-2006 lecturer for art-training in the Museum of Modern Art in Saarbruecken 2005 lecturer for art-training in the Adult Education Centre in Saarbruecken Foundation of an own studio in Saarbruecken Awards: "Prix de coer" 5 ieme Salon d`art contemporain Esch sur Alzette ( Luxembourg) 1 st. Prix at 6 ieme Salon d`art contemporain Esch sur Alzette ( Luxembourg Exhibitions: "¢ German-French Chamber of Commerce "¢ City hall, Kleinblittersdorf "¢ Art gallery Reisswolf, Luxembourg "¢ Gallery Neuheisel, Saarbrücken "¢ Agora Gallery, New York . Leismann art-gallery, St.Ingbert . Gallery " Die Werkstatt" Dahn . Saalbau art-gallery Neustadt . Gallery Schmidt St. Wendel

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