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  Artist: Christine O'Brien
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Christine O'Brien Artist Bio:

Originally from Chicago, Christine O'Brien's passion for drawing and painting started at age five after helping her artistic mother render profiles of her siblings. She received a scholarship to study fine art at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where Christine developed advanced drawing skills through rigorous classical guild instruction. After graduating, Christine returned to the city of Chicago as a graphic designer and illustrator. In the early 90's, she shifted to oil painting where she develops dramatic detail through elaborate layers and tightly defined brushwork to capture a mood in time. "Observing my surroundings inspires what I paint, such as beach life in California and browsing local resale shops for nostalgic collectables. These visual impressions turn into concepts that become a conversation on my canvas of captured moments, compositional elements and intense detail. Using references from both life and photography, my subjects are painted with many layers of intricate brushwork to create contemplative scenes of reality."