Clare Winslow

Clare Winslow

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  Artist: Clare Winslow
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Clare Winslow Artist Bio:

Clare creates art using a wide variety of media; the work is united by, but not restricted to, the theme of ecology. Whether created with acrylic, watercolor or etching press, each piece contains an effort to bring texture to the surface of the painting or print by layering images or marks, in order to increase the tactile quality of the surface and more easily engage the viewer. According to Clare, “Each project is a challenge for me — finding a delicate balance between process and feeling.” Clare’s work can be seen in group exhibitions in the DC area, online, and the Patricia Carega Gallery in Sandwich, NH. Statement from the Artist Although I believe that an artist doesn’t need to wait for a “lightning bolt” of inspiration to create something meaningful, I do draw creative fuel from the natural world, my personal history and relationships, and other artists’ work. For me, the act of printing/painting is a tactile exercise in problem solving. The process of creating each piece provides a kind of visual examination of opposing forces at work, as well as their conflict and resolution. These days I’m specifically engaged with images derived from nature, often of nest-like structures. These intricately woven textured forms appeal to me not only aesthetically but also because they represent interconnectedness, the act of creation and transformation. In each work, a positive or negative evolution takes place. I’m striving to create a visual representation of how these delicate environments are constructed, and what happens when they fall apart due to natural processes or human neglect. Within many of the images there also lies a tension between light and dark, between the needs of the whole vs. those of the individual. I make these pictures to remind myself of the fragility and intricacy of life, and the fact we are delicately but profoundly bound to the earth and other beings. I hope the viewer will find it rewarding to consider my intent, but also to experience the work independently.

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