Clenio Bolson

Clenio Bolson

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  Artist: Clenio Bolson
 Live in: Ormoy, Essonnes, France
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Clenio Bolson Artist Bio:

Birth in March 24th of 1965 at Toledo-Parana- Brazil. After having worked as an international trader and after traveling and living abroad(London), I decided to start to study art. I went to Spain and since I went back to Brazil, I spend my time teaching to pupils from 3 to 16 years old and studying by my own to improve my knowledge and my know-how about art, material, techniques and developing projects.About my work, I use as many techniques as I can. I have painted on canvas, leather, murals, ceramics, mosaics grafitti and frescos.I develop my work through individual or group projects. As I live in Brazil, my inspiration is mainly coming from the nature, the Brazilian indian and afro cultures. But due to my travel experiences, I believe the European culture is influencing my artwork too.

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