Cody Lusby

Cody Lusby

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  Artist: Cody Lusby
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Cody Lusby Artist Bio:

Stamping his iconic mustache across the land, Cody Lusby has evolved from his classically trained roots into Mustachio - a brush-wielding renegade who takes risks, fears nothing, and rides with no saddle. Some say Mustachio is Cody's alter ego. In fact, the stark contrast between the artist's humble, soft-spoken nature and his in-your-face work is hard to miss. Mustachio's art is defined by talent, technique and a mélange of mixed media (think borrowed road signs), resulting in vibrant, controlled chaos. ARTIST STATEMENT My goal is to be an artist of my time. Creating artwork that looks, speaks and represents our world today with the use of contemporary subject matter, materials and techniques. My artwork should capture a joy of painting and collage through a seamless blend of the two. A narrative often develops in the relationship between the subject matter and the surrounding imagery. Visual ques are abundant through out the piece, but not overpowering. Leaving subtle morsels of information that are often overlooked and can be later enjoyed with continuous views. The work is inevitably evolving and so is my understanding of it.

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