Conglomerate 2 by Amanda Krantz

Conglomerate 2

Conglomerate 2 by Amanda Krantz

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Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Enamel and Oil on Canvas.
Size: 35.4 H x 39.4 W x 1.6 in
This pieces was a part the recent exhibition 'Plasmo' held in Melbourne. Plasmo could be animal or vegetable, or it could be a world in itself. It is abstract, organic, anthropomorphic and living. It is playfully alien, yet eerily familiar. It alludes to the universality, micro to macro, of organic life and patterns in nature. This body of work has been influenced by such patterns found while living and working in the unique landscape of rural southern Tasmania. Amanda Krantz considers her work to be organic-psychedelia. Works are familiar representations of ecology, but not quite of this world. Her process is underpinned by a playful exploration of materials, and questions the role of painter in painting creation. The method of paint delivery to canvas, is often in random pours, throws and squirts, employing forces of nature to mimic nature. The natural fluidity and reactivity of paint mixtures, is itself alive in its own ability to move and mix, playfully creating chaotic patterns and random effects. She acts as a facilitator, allowing the paint itself to capture the essence of time and place. It’s a scientific process, executed organically, creating science-fictional landscapes and quasi-alien life.
Keywords: biology, surreal, transparent, organic, alien, colorful, abstract, layers, nature
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