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Conor Flynn O'Donnell

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  Artist: Conor Flynn O'Donnell
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My work is very meta as it is discussing painting through painting. I am interested in the expansion of public and private art collections and the way abstraction from its earliest beginnings instantly fed into all aspects of our lives and how this changed the way we see our world. Observations of non-functional design/abstraction in urban settings have become the starting point to ask questions about perceived perfection in our environment. Does perfection exist and why does our mind seem to be searching for it constantly? Is chaos too chaotic for our minds to deal with? The brain will re-align things into a perfect grid or a perceived perfect grid, even when things are obviously misaligned. The eye and brain are not accurate but are the best possible reasoning given the available data. I want to see how, as an artist, I can manipulate this data using the accuracies or inaccuracies in my work as a language.