Cubic Symmetry within 27×27 Cubic Grid by Vance Houston

Cubic Symmetry within 27x27 Cubic Grid

Cubic Symmetry within 27x27 Cubic Grid by Vance Houston

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Painting: Acrylic, Paper and Wood on Paper, Wood and Other.
Size: 46 H x 46 W x 1 in
This specific work is the first of its kind for me. Both the form and design create a symmetrical form existing within a 27x27 Cubic Grid. The geometry and theory are completely influenced by my origami sculptures; I began with a 3x3 cubic variation and mathematically transformed it into a 27x27 cubic form with the same properties and design as the smaller original cube. This work is essentially drawn onto 12 different sheets of white sulphite paper. The forms are then combined and mounted onto a wooden slab. The Cubic form is created with Sharpie marker and Satin acrylic paint. A metallic overcoat gives this 46x46 inch oak board a monochromatic finish.
Keywords: skin tone, space, yellow, brown, cube, design, form, mounted, original