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  Artist: D' Neycho
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For more than 30 years of creative activities I developed myself as an artist who is seeking and not satisfied with the repetition of already existing art solutions, themes and ideas. Growing up in the expressive contemporary climate, I'm looking through my personal experience and my own understandings of color splendor and forms and I find rational way to develop myself as a modern artist. Today my artistic skills and experience are result of my own instinctive filling for art and personal knowledgeable imagination of sensitivity and unfulfilled dreams. In the process of my work I learned the rules of the color contrasts, the perfection of the colors, tones, shades and forms. Through the challenges of the color combinations and the careful use of the optical colors effect I began to build my paintings stronger and convenient. In the last couple of years the composition of colorful lines and forms on the canvas directed me and showed me the way to the Modern Figurative Style. In my paintings the images are laconic, expressive, colorful, varied and therefore they manage to attract the feelings and emotions of the audiences and the experts