Dan Nash Gottfried

Dan Nash Gottfried

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  Artist: Dan Nash Gottfried
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Dan Nash Gottfried Artist Bio:

Biography Dan was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario Canada where he currently resides. Developed over the many years of practice, he is self taught with his artistic applications as an original illustrator, graphic designer, and abstract painter. Therapeutic in nature, painting for Dan is his coping mechanism and medicine to what challenges and provokes him in less pleasant aspects of his life. Dan's struggle through adversity with anxiety and depression throughout his life while having a loving mother affected by Multiple Sclerosis is an immense contributor for why he must paint. He has learned to channel his sadness and innermost anger towards his mother's sickness to help fuel his artistic endeavor. Seeing his mother's consistent and daily perseverance combined with her beautiful and strong will encourages him to push through his struggles and remain passionate and focused. His goals are to create pieces that continually evolve with style, character and integrity. And importantly to gain interest from people towards his work so that they connect on their own personal levels to receive positivity. Working at having his art consistently represented around the world and purchased by enthusiastic buyers is a big motivator and overall goal in Dan's artistic career.

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