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David F Willis

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  Artist: David F Willis
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David F Willis Artist Bio:

I started my artistic journey as an operatic tenor studying at the Conservatorio San Pietra a' Majella in Naples, Italy. My exposure to the ancient art of the Greeks and Romans, which abounds in Naples, led to my career change and at the age of 27 I began my love affair with painting and sculpture. From there as student, husband, father and working artist, I lived and worked in Italy, the U K.,and Germany, trying to perfect my craft and exhibiting continually.After 15 years in Europe, my family and I migrated to Asia where I continued to work and exhibit for 15 years. The highlight of my time there was my solo exhibit of 50 coral sculptures at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. I exhibited in Taiwan and Japan, primarily in Tokyo, until my children graduated from high school when we returned to the U S and settled in Florida. I have continued to paint and sculpt and after a hiatus of several years have again begun to exhibit my work. I sculpt in Japanese coral from the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, and in American stone, primarily white marble from Alabama and Georgia, Alabama Brown stone and Colorado River tumble. I have also carved in Tennessee serpentine and Colorado fern green stone.

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