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  Artist: David O'Connor
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I am a landscape artist which is the genre that connects all of the work. I make paintings and sculpture. The paintings are a direct and intuitive response to the landscape where pattern, colour and light are primary. The simple pleasure in using colour and brushes is at the heart of my painting. The sculpture is more symbolic or emblematic. History, place and memory are very important. The work is grounded in my sense of belonging. From the earth and the sea. Measurement, time and the movement of the heavens are all evident when one moves through a landscape. Cast shadows, the arc of the sun and moon and the constancy of the Northern Star are all persistent elements within the landscape. These are scientific and mystical at the same time. In landscapes; particularly places like Wiltshire I feel a strong sense of history: walking the same soil and looking at the same sun and moon as the people who built Stonehenge. I am inspired by landscape artists going back to William Blake, Wordsworth and Samuel Palmer, Continuing into the 20th century with the landscape Painter Paul Nash, the Filmmaker and Painter Peter Greenaway and the Filmmaker and my tutor at the Slade School of Fine Art; Chris Welsby. I love the Marlborough Downs but was introduced to them through the work of the Painter Paul Nash. I'm not sure now whether I see the real Downs or Nash's construction of them. My sculpture in metal, wood and mixed media is primarily made in response to the sea, journeys, navigation and maps. “Like a small child's dream of running away to Sea.” …..Is how one visitor described one of my Installations. The boats are emblems for the self. A theme directly inspired by Rimbaud’s poem ‘The Drunken Boat’ and my father's descriptions of the WW2 Atlantic and Murmansk Convoys where he was torpedoed and sunk twice off Iceland and bombed on the Cunard liner Georgic in the Red Sea. The form of the boat is idealised and condensed much like mediaeval illustration of boats where scale and form are manipulated to tell the story rather than directly represent boat forms. More particularly the sculptures are inspired by the journey of St Brendan sailing from County Kerry to discover the New World in a canvas covered Currach. They are also directly inspired by another Irish boat namely the Iron Age gold ‘Broighter Boat’ discovered in County Derry and now in the National Museum Dublin. The pieces made in Copper or Brass are Patinated. This is a complex chemical process using a wide variety of formulas which alter the surface nature of the metal by etching and changing the colour. No two boats are alike as it is virtually impossible to repeat the pattern. The sculpture presented is made for indoor display. The pieces are either lacquered or wax finished and do not need any further maintenance.