Defaced_3332.jpg Limited Edition 1 of 20 by Ian Hoskin

Defaced_3332.jpg Limited Edition 1 of 20

Defaced_3332.jpg Limited Edition 1 of 20 by Ian Hoskin

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Photography: Digital on Paper.
Size: 14.8 H x 9.8 W x 0 in
From the series Defaced. Edition of 20. These images are of old, decaying, defaced, weather-beaten posters on walls in both urban and rural areas of Southern India. With a population in India of 1.25 Billion, having your image on a wall means you are, for whatever reason even if only temporarily, important. Regarding these faded and defaced faces acts for me as a momento mori: No matter how famous we all end up slipping back one way or another into obscurity. The posters take on a life of their own after being exposed to the elements for so long, some ghostly and macabre, some comic and some even quite joyful.
Keywords: portraits, weathering, black and white , india, colour, decay