Dron by Ana Vujovic


Dron by Ana Vujovic

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Drawing: Ink on Paper.
Size: 19.7 H x 19.7 W x 1.6 in
"Dron" is part of a bigger project called "Color of Sound" whose idea is primarily focused on the connection between visual reception and matching sounds, i.e. their mutual overlap and complement. Specifically, it is connected to synaesthesia, a process in which colors and shapes can be heard, smelled or tasted. Through the history of music the term drone was used to indicate harmonically rich or simple monophonic, but constantly and continually emitting sound, which with its own characteristics, expressed through complex layering and endless repetition, creates an atmosphere of infinite space and time. Visual part of this artifact is a drawing (ink on paper), and is drew by multiplying of a dot, the primary drawing element. With this technique I achieved to create an illusion of organic and atmospheric “heterogenic homogeny”, which may represent visual manifestation of a constantly varying and morphing drone sound.
Keywords: surrealism, contemporary, dots, drawing, pointilism, abstract, circularly, ink