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Edward-X is a pop-graffiti artist and VDJ who has strived to embrace expression throughout his life and career. Over the past 15 years he has lived across Canada - in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montréal. He has travelled to various countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Mexico and South Africa, with other special trips to cities in the United States including New York, Boston, Palm Springs, Honolulu and Los Angeles. His experiences attending key events in the international digital/DJ Culture and electronic music circuit, such as the spectacular BBCM Black & Blue Festivals, (one of the largest fundraisers for HIV/AIDS in the world) and countless other parties and events, has given him an independent and distinct perspective to create compelling pop-graffiti artwork and music that represent a transformative time and space. He was appointed as Artistic Curator / Special Partner with the BBCM Foundation to assist the Organizing Committee with the debut edition of LIVE Art-Multimedia-Interaction Black & Blue Festival which was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in October, 2013. He also performed as an opening DJ and created a 23 hour long multimedia VJ laser installation at the Black & Blue Festival 2013 while collaborating with LaserTech Canada. LIVE Art-Multimedia-Interaction Black & Blue Festival 2013, is a new mega interactive artistic blow-out, which occurred as a debut event during the internationally renowned Black & Blue Festival. It will continue forward to be a "Grande-Messe”, which culturally in French translates to being an “All Encompassing Extravaganza”, and 2013 was the first year debut edition of this major multi-media artistic and mixed entertainment component of the Festival. The literal translation of Grande-Messe is: High-Mass. This is to be an ongoing key novel special activity tied to the signature and world-famous Black & Blue Festival, the crown jewel of global circuit parties. The BBCM Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a long history of organizing spectacular parties that raise essential funds and provide other services that are contributed towards a variety of community groups in the gay community and in the direct care field of people living with HIV/AIDS. Edward Kenneth Weatherly was born November 10th, 1976, in Provost, Alberta, Canada, and grew up in the nearby Village of Czar with a loving family and a unique rural community. He excelled in academics, athletics and artistic pursuits growing up, including classical piano and voice performance with The Royal Conservatory of Music. He subsequently won a scholarship to attend The Armand Hammer United World College of the American West in Montezuma, New Mexico, USA, which is an international high school. UWC‐USA was a formative experience for Edward and helped contribute to his love for being creative, cooperative and collaborative with people from diverse cultures and walks of life. After graduating from UWC‐USA, he attended Trinity College at The University of Toronto where he decided to follow his soul calling to be a visual and performance artist, while also heavily entrenched in dance, digital music & media theory, composition and the DJ arts. He has continued in the years following to develop his abilities while staying true to his impetus to be creative. Across this colorful spectrum of life experience he has designed a full exhibition and pop graffiti installation at Gallery X of Xtra! Magazine in Toronto, created various other artistic projects and has sold many of his pop graffiti artworks to private collectors. He also is a producing member of the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary, which is an artist-run, non-profit, film production co-op. As for music, he continues to explore the exciting potential of digital music within the realms of the burgeoning DJ underground industry with new mixes and production in development. Edward-X has created many hundreds of artwork, using colorful graffiti markers and spray paint to the digital synthesis of computer generated counterparts, that can be

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