Edyta Duduś

Edyta Duduś

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  Artist: Edyta Duduś
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Edyta Duduś Artist Bio:

Edyta Dudus was born in Wroclaw, Poland. She graduated from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Poland with MFA in painting and multimedia. During her studies she was awarded with a couple of scholarships translated into several individual and group exhibitions. She is included in numerous private and corporate collections national and foreign. Her paintings revolve around human figure (often female) tangled in a specific situation and emotion. A need to suggest only the main theme and avoid direct story-telling refelects through her work. She prefers to tell more using less expression. This comes naturally with her sensitivity and imagination. Her main area of focus is painting and video art. "Psychopuzzles by Edyta DuduÅ›" Shreds, snapshots, splinters of some events, mackles - mild and inaccurate traces: a silhouette, a piece of pavement, an interior at nightfall, a scene on a terrace, in a park...something one cannot know - an echo of somebody's presence in mysterious time and place. This is the truth about the meanders of our capricious memory, percolated through and distorted by the filter of emotions and deceptive imagination. Such unadulterated truth about us and about vanishing, about the reality, or rather about what remains after it, tells us Edyta DuduÅ› in her creation of the latest and fully mature series of paintings. "Curtains" cycle is the record of emotions awoken by some events, psychological situations, selectively registered and recorded in the form of ascetic images, in which the reality becomes kind of a dream, a mirage. The poetics of hypnotizing visions, insinuations, blurs and meditation which is an immanent feature of the artist, has occurred in her earlier, very private and sparing of expression series of images created for the fragments of the prose by Olga Tokarczuk, as well as in her cycle of small sketches presenting windows as entrances into other dimensions and symbolic portraits of places and moods. It should be said that Edyta with her distinct psychologizing inclination is getting better and better at portraying the mood, the atmosphere, the aura of places and situations, which she is telling us about. As her instructor, I have received ingenuous satisfaction observing for a couple of years the process of development of this intriguing and interesting individuality which is very close to me. I believe that Edyta will retain her tendency of thoughtfulness and wistfulness, reflection over the World and the human nature, and will keep telling us about it more and more intensively. Prof. Janusz Jaroszewski www.edytadudus.com www.facebook.com/edyta.dudus

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