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Elisa Pesapane

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Elisa Pesapane Artist Bio:

Elisa Pesapane (1979) graduated at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in the Hague and in Italian Language and Culture at Leiden University. Her work consists mainly of oil paintings on panel and drawings. Besides developing and exhibiting her oeuvre, she also works as an illustrator, makes portraits and murals on commission and develops cultural projects and workshops for schools, museums, private individuals and companies. She has worked with a great variety of companies, such as: Shell Global Solutions, Amsterdam Fashion Week, World Fashion Centre, Sanquin bloodbank, Dutch National Museum of Antiquities (RMO), de VISHAL, Teylers Museum, Omroep Max, YES Telecom, Elegance magazine and many others. Elisa Pesapane´s art: As a daughter of an Italian mother and a Dutch father she carries two histories within her. Two places which she is strongly connected with, but unfortunately these two identities will never be able to merge completely. Being bilingual is her treasure, a great advantage which gives her a different outlook on the world around her. This of great influence on all her thoughts and actions and therefore here also lies the basis of her painting. Elisa Pesapane´s work has a strong connection with literature. Among the artists that have influenced her the most we will find as many writers as painters. Through the intensive studying of literature at Leiden University she learned how to ‘build’ a story and create balance in it. An artwork consists of various layers (composition, color, story, etc.) All of these have to be in perfect balance with each other, otherwise everything will collapse. According to Elisa Pesapane balance is of great importance in every form of art. The portrait is the red thread running through her oeuvre. She moulds all the things that inspire her into a character, prop or setting. As if they were part of a play. Everything has its place and function. They are short tragical comedies “written in oil”. .

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