Elisa Verchavska Musson

Elisa Verchavska Musson

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  Artist: Elisa Verchavska Musson
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Elisa Verchavska Musson Artist Bio:

Hello, My name is Elisa Verchavska Musson In 2006, I joined The Art Student League of Denver to build my base of knowledge in classical realism. I studied under world-famous painters Kim English – limits our paintings to 5 minutes forcing the artist to use quick bold brushstrokes and make bold decisions –¬ and Ron Hicks – focuses on the movements of light through the painting. In 2008, I took on an internship in France studying the restoration of historical paintings, The study focused on learning how to restore paintings from the Old Masters of the 17th and 18th century. As a result, I now mix my own pigments purchased in Italy, France, Germany, Cypres, and "cooks" her painting mediums, following the Old Masters techniques. Having gathered a well-rounded knowledge of different painting techniques, I concentrate now on two styles, The Classical method, also known as the Indirect method, is characterized by a detailed planning of the overall design which is followed by a layering of opaque and transparent glazes, each layer being left time to dry before adding the next. This process takes about 9 month to complete. The “Alla Prima” method, also known as the Direct method is characterized by a loose outline of the design and is followed by bold, expressive brushwork and a textured surface. More recently, I turned towards a more impressionistic style to answer to the demand of California with an Alla Prima look and impasto technic, with thick patches of paint and great texture. We currently live in Healdsburg in Northern California where I find inspiration in the countless wine vineyards and the views of the Pacific Ocean lying in the San Francisco Bay. Currently I show my work at White Oak Art Winery in Healdsburg, CA, where you can enjoy some wine tasting while browsing her artwork, and Gina's boutique in town. I am also represented by Mary Williams Fine Art Gallery in Boulder. In addition to this, Elisa supports Charity fundraising organizations based in Sonoma county. Thanks for stopping by!

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