Elise Lafontaine

Elise Lafontaine

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  Artist: Elise Lafontaine
 Live in: Montreal, QC, Canada
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Elise Lafontaine Artist Bio:

My recent works show an interest in the phenomenon of luminescence and the desire to create a microcosm that accords a deeper meaning to the objects that inhabit them. The senses are transported to nocturnal landscapes devoid of time, inspired by novelistic art and architecture. It addresses the relationship between ritual and the human condition; exploring the enigma that transcends the act of traversing the ages which instils mystery in humankind. A theatrical engagement with metaphors that lead to ghostly oases, brought forward by atmospheric works that meanders between reality, symbolism and dream, woven together to evoke a tapestry of experiences. www.eliselafontaine.com www.espace40.com

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