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 Live in: Pieve a Nievole -Pistoia-, Tuscany, Italy
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Welcome in my gallery and thanks so much for your visit . I have to ask to dear Collectors who will choose my works to have a lot of patience for the long wait to receive my works. In Italy to export a work of contemporary art needs a permit by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in Florence ( Palazzo Pitti ).The Export Office is open only on Thursdays and permission is ready the following Thursday. So based on the day of your order, the time required to obtain permission to export the work will be between 14 -20 days of waiting to be dispatched from Italy. Thank you very much ! I was born in Italy, Tuscany in 1964. I am a self-taught artist. I became an artist in the course of a disease boring. Forced into a long period of infirmity so I started using brushes and colors. At that moment he began the slow improvement of the disease and the art began to fill my life until today. I started with Pop Art, I did touch the canvas with materials such as coal, steel, tar, iron up to the gears and pulleys. I managed the copper with passion with the installation. I like to use oil paints to paint flowers and cats. I do portraits of cats. I really like the use of enamels and paints for painting informal. Creation is an inspiration to me and I have dedicated to the Creation my photographic works , with small travel notes, skies, fields and flowers. I love painting Byzantine icons with oil too. I paint these on commission. I like to get into the depth of the images, especially when I photograph the garden. The petals of the flowers, the grass, the life that flows to small insects. I go in, penetrate, I say. A sort of miniaturization to fuse myself physically with my grass, earth and flowers. I participated in several group Milan, Turin, Rome, London, New York. Currently I devote myself to the study of expressionism abstract and photography. I

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